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Mont Clare Shoe Repair has been at your service since 1938. The shop is on its 3rd generation of ownership in the Sorrentino family. Mont Clare Shoe Repair has always been a high quality repair shop, never cutting corners to save a buck. Current owner, Lisa Sorrentino, defines the store’s purpose as this: To deliver the best quality service possible to each customer and to treat everyone with honesty and equality.

Lisa Sorrentino
Lisa has owned Mont Clare Shoe Repair since Jan 2011. From 1999-2011, she started, ran and grew an online business selling women’s sportswear. Her Dad, Frank, came to her in 2006 asking is she was interested in the shop, knowing he was planning retirement at the end of 2010. Lisa gradually transitioned from her online business to Mont Clare Shoe Repair over the course of 2006-2010.

Her goals are to help Mont Clare Shoe Repair grow into an online business and also position the store as a source for advanced learning in the shoe repair industry. She sees high quality shoe repair as a great service that can help reduce waste, lengthen property life and save memories.  As a part of her dedication to the shoe repair industry, she also runs a sister company, Solely Orthopedic Lifts, that makes custom orthopedic shoe modifications.


Frank2Frank Sorrentino
Frank began working at Mont Clare Shoe Repair in 1953 learning tricks like how to make those blister-causing shoes your favorite pair. Frank never planned to become a shoe maker, but he devoted 57 years of his life to the service. Along the way, he discovered all kinds of problem solving tips. He still comes in the store to pass on his secrets as often as possible.

Frank is proud of the store’s transition since he retired and looks forward to progressing with the store. He’s even tackling the use of the store’s laptop.




ssialogoMont Clare Shoe Repair is proud of its promises to work towards excellent quality, complete honesty and 100% equal treatment for all customers. When the work solution can be guaranteed to solve your challenge, we promise our solution will hold true. When we don’t think it’s worth spending the money on a fix, we’ll tell you. If we make a mistake, we will correct our mistake. We have machines, but our team’s hands and minds make it all happen to the best of their ability. Each job is a reflection of the artist who did the work.

We’ve standardized as many jobs as possible so you know what price to expect. All other jobs are priced on a time and material basis.

We do the jobs first come, first serve and let you know when its ready by phone or electronically. We try to predict how long the wait will be based on our team’s availability and capability. We promise to work as diligently as possible without compromising the quality of our work.

If our estimated completion time is too long a wait for you, we can rush a job for pick up on a specific date for an extra fee. Or, on most jobs, you can wait in the store and we will then do the job right then and there.

We proudly accept donations for Soles4Soles.